Theological training with Christian conviction.

We strive to provide the best training that will birth quality personnel for the Church and society.

Our libraries provide services that supports the continuous learning establishing the much need ecosystem.

Drawn from the membership proprietor churches, our faculty is from various fields in theology, and linguistics and Bible translation.

We admit students from various parts of Nigeria and even beyond for all study programmes that we offer every school year.
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At TCNN, we truly believe that leadership encompasses more than just academic achievement. We recognize that the complexities of modern life require strong moral character and spiritual maturity to lead effectively. That’s why we have always placed great emphasis on nurturing a strong foundation in the Christian faith as an integral part of our leadership development program. Our goal is to empower you with the skills and knowledge to navigate the challenges of modern society with the utmost integrity and a deep sense of purpose. By instilling true Christian discipline that leads to spiritual maturity within our students, we aim to create principled leaders who will make a positive impact in their communities and the world at large. That is why we organize activities that engages students and staff in spiritual discipline that are impactful thus making a lasting difference.


So if you’re ready to take your leadership potential to the next level, come join us at TCNN and let us help you develop into the kind of leader the world needs.


Our faculty are drawn from the proprietors churches that constitute TEKAN, who are experienced and qualified Christian leaders, and committed to helping students grow in their faith and prepare for a lifetime of ministry and service in both the church and society.

Their various backgrounds, both denominational and academic give the base for a conversion that entrenches love and unity, which further promotes interactions that are vital to learning.  This to us, is a chief conduit in achieving the our vision.


TCNN offers various academic programmes in Theology, Linguistics and Bible Translation, Theology and Gender Studies and Church Music.  These programmes are accredited by the Association of Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) across study levels.


Our undergraduate programmes, especially the Bachelor of Arts – Christian Religious Studies  and Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics are affiliated to the University of Jos.  Join us to enjoy programmes that will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge for a successful leadership experience.


TCNN is owned by seventeen (17) denominations, which is one of the most remarkable aspects of the college. The brings vision of unity to fore, which is seen in the diverse range of students that we attract from different backgrounds. Our student community is consist of individuals from various regions of Nigeria and beyond, each bringing with them their unique cultural experiences, church traditions and perspectives that contribute to a rich and vibrant learning environment.

We welcome students from different walks of life, irrespective of their denominations and other affiliations, and provide a welcoming  atmosphere marked by a Christian warmth that values diversity, equity, and unity. This makes TCNN a melting pot of cultures and ideas, where everyone can learn from each other and broaden their understanding of the world, especially the various church traditions. Here at TCNN, we firmly believe that diversity is not a barrier but rather a strength that enriches our academic and personal experiences, an ecosystem for learning.


In TCNN, we understand that education is an invaluable key in unlocking a plethora of opportunities for both ministerial and societal development. Consequently, it ought to be made available to every individual, notwithstanding their economic status. It is worth noting that high tuition fees can serve as an impediment to the learning process, and it is our duty to ensure that our students are not hindered from pursuing their relevant training for their calling.


To overcome this obstacle, we have made our tuition fee affordable, almost subsidized (Click here to download Tuition fee schedule). TCNN also has various student tuition fees support programmes.  PTTF and Hesed assist our students through payment of various ratio of annual tuition fees. Additionally, schools can provide flexible payment plans that accommodate families’ various financial situations.


TCNN has one of the outstanding facilities that support learning. With a library that houses over forty thousand volumes of books and other holdings, along with personnel who provide services that are vital to our patrons.  Our information technology infrastructure provide support access to the internet and relevance on the digital space.


We have halls for meetings and fellowships.  The halls can be used by those are in TCNN or from outside TCNN for a fee.

TCNN Provost

Provost Welcome


Are you looking for an institution where you can study theology that is academically sound and spiritually balanced? Relax and search no more, come to the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN). The institution is located in Jos the capital of Plateau state which is at the center of the North central region of Nigeria. Jos is also acclaimed to be the center of Christianity in Nigeria. The College is unique in many aspects. It is ecumenical in its composition, evangelical in its belief and practice, the first theological institution in the north of Nigeria, and it has the ambition to be one of the best of such institutions in the country.

TCNN is owned by seventeen denominations and it is extremely difficult to find any theological institution in the world that is owned by seventeen different denominations. The denominations that form the proprietorship of TCNN are each distinct from the other yet living in harmony and providing rich varieties of Christian traditions; thereby practically demonstrating true unity in diversity. This is a theological institution where students can celebrate the Eucharist in so many different traditions, that no student goes through TCNN without a deep respect for the differences that exist among Christians.Read more

Our Programmes

For this level of training, we have two key stems: theology (with diverse areas of specialization) and public theology. Those with at least first degree in other fields can go through our Postgraduate Diploma programme. It is also affiliated to ACTEA.

Our undergraduate programmes are designed to give students knowledge in any of these tracks: divinity, linguistics and Bible translation and public theology. This is one of the programmes affiliated with ACTEA.

Our diploma programme is of two tracks – theology and church music. It is to provide basic training in theology and church music that will result in sound biblical teaching and musical contents.

Our diploma programme is of two tracks – theology and church music. It is to provide basic training in theology and church music that will result in sound biblical teaching and musical contents.

A programme under our TCNN College of Education (TCE) that is designed to train those who are interested in education and becoming teachers.

Our Subsidiaries

Staff school

Our Staff Nursery and Primary school and also the secondary school are all designed to inculcate good Christian and academic values with an enabling environment...

Health Services

There's a school clinic in the institution that provides healthcare services at the primary level. This service is also opened to the community around TCNN...

Center for Continuing Education (CCE)

The need to breed educators with a godly values is what this center is designed to answer. There is also a training through the remedial programme...

Restaurant & Guesthouse

Our guesthouses are available for guests who desire to withdraw for a retreat or travelers who need a place to pass the night. Our restaurant is also open to them and other interested persons....

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