Doctrinal Basis

TCNN is evangelical in its theological outlook.  As such, it lays great emphasis on biblical theology and the biblical languages. The Constitution affirms the following Basis of Faith:
  1. The Apostles’ Creed
  2. The Nicene Creed
  3. The following specific beliefs:
    • The Unity of the Godhead and the Trinity of persons therein.
    • The incarnation of the Son of God, His blood, His bodily resurrection, His mediatory intercession and reign and personal return.
    • The total depravity of human nature in consequence of the fall.
    • The justification of the sinner by faith in Christ alone.
    • The work of the Holy Spirit in the conversion and sanctification of the
    • The immortality of the soul, the resurrection of the body, the judgement of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, with the eternal bliss of the righteous and the eternal punishment of the wicked.
    • The divine inspiration, authority and sufficiency of the Holy Scriptures.
    • The divine institution of Christian ministry, and the obligation and perpetuity of the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.