Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN) is unique in many ways. Reputed to be the first theological institution in the north of Nigeria, it has the ambition to be one of the best such institutions in the country. However, the uniqueness of the TCNN lies mainly in its ecumenical composition. It is extremely difficult to find any theological institution in the world that is owned by seventeen different denominations. Though all evangelical, the denominations that form the proprietorship of TCNN are each distinct from the other.  This is a theological institution where students can celebrate the Eucharist in so many different traditions, that no student goes through TCNN without a deep respect for the differences that exist among Christians. Eucharist can range from the highly iconic service of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria, to the warm fellowship ending in feet washing of the Church of the Brethren, to the hybrid Mennonite celebration of the United Missionary Church of Africa, to orderly Church of Christ in Nations Communion and other varieties provided by the Evangelical Reformed Christian Church, the Nungo Kristi of Tiv land, the United Church of Christ (HEKAN), All Nations Christian Assembly, Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, Christian Evangelical Fellowship of Nigeria, Evangelical Church of Christ in Nigeria, Christian Reformed Church – Nigeria, Reformed Christian Church of Nigeria, the United Methodist Church of Nigeria and the Mambila Baptist Convention. The Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion and the Nigerian Reformed Church are also part of the ecumenical team. You can witness or experience baptism by immersion, by sprinkling or infant baptism. Now, if that is not ecumenical, what is? Not to add that the view on inerrancy is not one! Yet each denomination gets to meet in a session unique to itself to discuss denominational distinctives. And yet still, Christ is at the center of everything we do, and faith in His death and resurrection as the only means of salvation defines all our teaching. TCNN is the only theological institution in Nigeria that has a Department of Linguistics and Translation. It has also kept the highest number of expatriate faculty, with many opportunities for visiting lecturers, at least among the evangelical institutions. With its high hill within the grounds, its temperate climatic conditions, and its garden-like landscape, TCNN is a place to visit and a place to study. As you visit this website, you get to meet the picturesque learning environment, the highly qualified faculty and staff, the well-equipped and still growing library and language laboratory, and on-going projects like the College auditorium. You will find developing e-learning facilities, you will discover possibilities for undergraduate and postgraduate studies under capable hands. So, visit this website and find out more about how to meet with and probably join us for a unique learning experience.

Rev Professor Samuel Peni Ango